Everyone has flaws. That’s not my main concern. I’m talking about habits that can be disastrous in the long run to you as a lady.

There’s nothing like a perfect man, this doesn’t mean that you drop your standards and stay with a guy with these bad habits. (Guys, you can make an effort to change if you really love her).

Flaws are different from habits. Habits are things we’ve learned to do over the years. They have become a part of our behavior. We even do them automatically, without thought.

Let’s begin…

1. He Shouts

Watch Out For Men With These 5 Habits - The Love Xpress

If you met a guy who shouts, screams and verbally abuses people in his temper, try your best to stay away from him. If you’re already dating, and you’ve noticed that habit around him, watch out dear! It’s highly possible that it will soon become your daily experience; not just for you, but your kids if you two get married

2. He Always Make Excuses  

Watch Out For Men With These 5 Habits - The Love Xpress

This kind of guy never gives you a straight answer for why he disappointed you. Instead, he gives out excuses everytime. This is not something you should ignore.

First, each time he makes an excuse, he displays his immaturity to you. Excuses are the resorts of kids not men.

Second, there’s a good chance he’s lying.

This brings me to my next habit.

3. He Lies.

Watch Out For Men With These 5 Habits - The Love Xpress

There’s a difference between a flaw and a habit. If he broke a promise, that’s one thing. People make mistakes. However, if he has a habit of lying such that he does it clearly to your face when you both know that it’s a clear lie, that’s a warning sign right there.

You can’t trust such a guy. When lying becomes a habit, it’s really difficult to get out of it.

When you catch your man lying red-handed many times, you need to think twice about your relationship.

4. He’s Possessive

Watch Out For Men With These 5 Habits - The Love Xpress

It’s normal for a guy to be a little possessive at first. That’s probably cute. However, if you two have been together for a while and he’s super clingy, that’s not a good sign. It’s a habit that he might find hard to break out of.

It could probably mean he’s a control freak.

5. He Doesn’t Put You First

Watch Out For Men With These 5 Habits - The Love Xpress

If your guy doesn’t put you first, there’s a good chance he may never do so.

Guys like these prioritize their friends, hobbies or work over their partners.

It’s different when it’s something he does it rarely. Probably, the recent pressure from the office made him pushed him to do so. However, if it becomes a habit, that’s a bad sign. If it’s always been this way in your relationship, there’s a good chance it won’t change.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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