If you’re in a relationship, or about to be in one, check this out as a guy.

There are some qualities women generally want to find in a man that she wants to spend her whole life with.

These qualities can be hard to find. That is why finding a good guy can take time for a lady.

However, they can be developed if you’re determined to make the relationship work. Here the five qualities…

1. Men Who are Honest

Qualities women want in a man - The Love Xpress

Ask any woman, most will tell you that they want a guy who is honest.

Honesty is a foundation for every good relationship.

If a guy truly wants to be with a lady, he needs to learn to be more direct and honest with her.

Women hate playing games to figure out if you’re telling the truth, just be honest. Your woman finding out about a lie you never came clean about, is one of the worst things you can allow to happen in your relationship. Learn to be honest.

2. Men Who Make Them Feel Special

Women want to feel special and cherished. Sometimes it’s the little things a guy does to make them feel good. It could be complimenting her smile, her eyes, her hair, noticing her new look, acts of kindness, or just being you.

More importantly, she wants to know that you are thinking of her. Make compliments a part of your daily routine.

You can also try leaving notes around for her to find with words of love and encouragement. Anything to share that you’re thinking of her.

3. Men Who are Romantic

Qualities women want in a man - The Love Xpress

Ladies love romance. Yeah, we know that life is not always about roses.

We have jobs, kids, house chores and so many things to take care of and run smoothly.

However, romance should never leave once you’re in a committed relationship. Don’t throw date nights in the dustbin.

Occasionally (more often) pop in with gifts, write or read her a love poem, light a few candles with some good music and see where the night leads. If she becomes your wife, never stop chasing her as you would a girlfriend or a crush you want to woo.

4. Men Who are Reliable

Qualities women want in a man - The Love Xpress

One of the qualities women want in a man is reliability. Women need a guy who can help them do stuff like chores, especially when they need it the most.

A reliable guy is like a gold mine. He is someone who is always (or tries to be) there when you need him.

He doesn’t ditch a lady because the things get rough in the relationship. If he is always there for you, he’s a keeper.

5. Men Who Communicate Well

Qualities women want in a man - The Love Xpress

Communication is key for a lasting relationship. Women need to communicate, especially to be listened to. It’s just ingrained in them to do so.

Communication goes beyond sex. Guys, don’t not define the need to communicate as nagging. For women, commination is also about you opening up about your feelings. This is not very pleasant to most guys.

When a guy doesn’t like to talk, many women interpret that differently. They may think that you’re hiding something, don’t trust them, or don’t want to engage with them. This is not what you want the woman you love to go through.

American author and humorist Dave Berry once said: “What women want: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted, and sometimes, just to be held.”

These qualities can be developed with the right determination. Do so and watch your relationship grow beautifully.

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